Monday, 2 March 2015

Hannah warms up in the winter

The Christmas break seems a long time ago already as the start of the year has been all about getting ready for the long season ahead.

I've just come back from a six weeks spell of training and competition overseas, where I spent four weeks training in the warm weather in Perth, Western Australia. As the temperatures were climbing to over 40c during the day, we were often up at 5am and training by 6am, covering distances up to 16 miles per session, with plenty of gym sessions thrown in between too.

Perth is a great base for winter training, the weather is fantastic and there are miles and miles of cycle paths, so I can train safely. I did manage a little bit of down time, which gave me an opportunity to visit the city, the nearby port of Fremantle and some chill out time at the beach.

On the way back from Perth, I was lucky to be able to take an opportunity to visit Doha and look at the facilities and try out the track in advance of the IPC World Championships being held there in October. The temperatures there will probably be similar to that I had been training in, so hopefully I will get accustomed to it.

It was then on to the UAE and some races in Dubai and Sharjah. Having come off a heavy block of winter training and done no speed work as yet, I was very pleased to win all of my eight races, over all distances. I'm hoping the experience I gained racing in these dry dusty conditions will be invaluable come the World Championships.

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