Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Jack Whelbourne launches "Website of Awesomeness"

Double Winter Olympian and multiple British Champion short track speed skater Jack Whelbourne has launched a new personal website www.jackwhelbourne158.com through his team at 17 Sports Management.

"158 comes from my first ever race number, it is a number that means so much to me" said Jack. I have christened my website "the website of awesomeness, the guys at 17 have done a fantastic job". "Having my own website will enable people to keep up with what I'm doing and will give me a great opportunity to showcase my sponsors and the exciting sport of short track, I'm very excited by it" he added.
Jack, from Nottingham, who trains at the city's Capital FM Arena, went on to say "I know that there are a lot of people, causes and organisations seeking sponsorship, it is though very important for me to continue to be able to compete with the best in the world. I have a good profile, particularly in Nottinghamshire, I know that I can help raise the profile of companies and I am passionate about ensuring that I give back to sponsors and ensuring that they receive good value for their investment in me. I hope that there are some companies out there who will be inspired by what so I have achieved so far and would like to be part of my exciting journey to the 2018 Winter Olympics, where I am aiming to win gold".

Ian Byers, Director of 17 Sports Management said "Sponsoring an elite athlete such as Jack can benefit a company in many ways, not least by increasing client and colleague engagement, giving people pride through the knowledge that they have a connection with her performances.

Supporting an athlete via sponsorship gives the opportunity for personal appearances to support and build interest in a brand along with increased media exposure via TV, radio, press and social media. Partnering with Jack would give a sponsor access to obtain exclusive imagery, video and blogs which can provide engaging content which will in turn drive traffic to the sponsors website. Additionally, a logo placement and link can be placed on Jack's website.
Sponsorship can help toward fulfilment of a corporate social responsibility, promoting inclusion and diversity, the development of sport and encouraging healthy active participation by all".
Huge thanks to Martin Holtom for all of the great photos on my website.
"I am really proud to represent Great Britain, I have been to two Winter Olympic and am excited by the prospect of challenging for Gold in 2018" said Jack, "I know that I have a lot to offer and I'm hoping that there are some companies out there who would be proud to partner with me".

If you or your company would be interested in partnering with Jack, you can contact him through his website www.jackwhelbourne158.com or alternatively contact Ian Byers; ian@17management.com
You can follow Jack and 17 Sports Management on Twitter @speedyboi158  @17_Management
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